Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Brought Some Warm Weather Back With Us...

We left Casa Grande Arizona on Monday morning and arrived at our daughter Megan's apartment in Sioux Falls Wednesday afternoon. It's right at 1500 miles from the RV Park to Sioux Falls.We went through 34 gallons of gas (about $125.00...avg 40 mpg & 75 mph), 2 bags of sunflower seeds, 12 pack of diet Dew, bottled water, a stop at a Dairy Queen for Laurie, 24 hours of podcasts on the IPod and voila, we're here!

View Sioux Falls to Arizona...And Back Again! in a larger map

You have to really love each other to drive 24 hours in a little clown car like the Ford Fiesta. Lucky for us we do, and we had a lot of laughs on the way home (Yep, it will always be home back in this area).
It was somewhat of a surreal feeling without Lucy in the backseat.....I must have looked over my shoulder a hundred times expecting her to be snoring in the back seat. I caught myself starting to roll the back window down for her every time we'd slow down to go through a little town. She would always stick her head out the window and let her long ears flop in the wind, I'd speed up and she'd lay back down and be sleeping before I hit 60.

We didn't know what to expect from our first winter in Arizona but WOW, we couldn't have been more impressed. The beauty of the desert surprised us to no end and the sheer amount of things to do and see were overwhelming. We met people who have become friends, crossed off and added to our "bucket list", worked on our tans, and we're already making plans for next winter. 

The hardest thing is always being away from our kids, family, and friends who we love so much. We're not sure how long we'll be back here before heading to our "summer home" in the Colorado mountains, but we know the time will go by fast. Taking care of things like insurance, dentist & Dr.appointments, visiting family and friends, a wedding, and other misc...the time will fly by.
Keep checking the blog but it may be sparse for awhile until we get back on the road again.
Thanks everyone for following us our adventures and we hope to see all of you soon.

Bob & Laurie


  1. Glad you enjoyed the desert so much. It's not for everybody but all the beauty & adventure is here for those with enough energy, enthusiasm, & excitement inside to be a part of it:)).

  2. We are glad you enjoyed your winter in Az. We are sure the family back in Minnesota are excited to have you back for awhile... Us in Colorado are very excited to have you for the summer!!!!!! Hubby Says Campfire nites are so fun and looking forward to those nites again with you both!!! Laurie we need to go picking again and find some more cool stuff we can flip for!!! again looking forward to the summer with you both!!!!! Lucy & Ricky

  3. Glad you enjoyed Arizona! We were there two years ago and stayed at Palm Creek in Casa Grande. Just had a lot of trouble with no greenery, so learned that the desert is not our favorite wintering destination. Our mailing address is Sioux Falls. We're full time RVers...We are hoping to come to Colorado this summer...

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