Monday, March 4, 2013

Last few days in Wickenburg...

We're leaving Wickenburg Monday morning and heading back down to Casa Grande for the next 3 weeks or so. We spent the weekend walking through the local shops, looking at the old buildings a little closer, and spent a couple hours at a free concert in the park Sunday.
The "Little Red Schoolhouse" kind of reminded us of our house back on the acreage. It started out as a school  in 1905 and went through many different owners and occupants including a bank for over 20 years. It's now the Wickenburg Children's Center as well as a historical stop for tourists. There was a really nice lady who told us all about it's history and even let Laurie ring the original bell.
The music in the park featured everything from a locally famous 4 piece country band, 5th grade singing group, piano recital by the cutest 6 or 7 year old boy you'd ever see, senior aged ladies singing show tunes, and everything in between.
This part of Arizona is really beautiful and we'll for sure be back again some time to explore some more. The next few weeks we're going to see the sights more around the Mesa, Apache Junction, and Sedona areas.
Lucy has been having some trouble with one her back legs being weak, and the local vet said to give her baby aspirin and keep her off it for awhile. She started to get better, but then on Sunday she seemed to get worse. I'm going to take her to the vet in Casa Grande.
Please keep Glenda and Verdell Wiertzema in your thoughts and prayers, they lost their daughter Cathy in a car accident Friday.

Old School House Tour Guide

You can still the teller windows from when it was a bank.

My hat in the corner.

Ring My Bell!!!

More like "Pink" school house.

Remains of a cactus

These guys were riding in the desert....notice the cameras on their helmets. 

Agave cactus

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