Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just When You Think.......

Arizona couldn't get any more STUNNING, we went to Canyon Lake and took a steamboat cruise on the world famous Dolly Steamboat. Thanks to my buddy Tim Gaul who gave us some tips on where to go, we took a trip to the mysterious Superstition Mountains. After leaving the hustle and bustle of Mesa, we got on Hwy 88, also known as the Apache Trail, and drove some of the most beautiful winding roads this side of Colorado. Last week the area received about an inch of rain and the desert has just exploded into a bloom of springtime life. Cactus are sprouting flowers, plants are about every color you can imagine, and the different shades of green here are amazing. We went to Tortilla Flats and ate a little picnic lunch we packed,  and enjoyed the characters you can only see in small tourist towns like this. From there we went to the Canyon Lake Marina and boarded the "Dolly" for the 2 hour cruise of Canyon Lake. Not knowing what to expect, this turned out to be one of the highlights of our time in AZ. Canyon Lake is considered the "Jr. Grand Canyon", and at a depth of up to 150 feet, it offers fishing and all of the other water activities you can imagine. There were lots of people on the lake today, maybe the 88 degrees and sunny sky had something to do with that. We were hoping to see some wildlife and boy we weren't disappointed, Bald Eagles, Bighorn Sheep, Hawks, and much more. I decided after today, I need a new/better camera. It was a wonderful day, thanks again Tim, we'll check out some of the other areas you told us about.
Thanks everyone for the thoughts concerning Lucy. She was the best Basset Hound we could have ever hoped for, I know she's running and playing again.
Love and miss all of you..............Bob & Laurie

On the way to Canyon Lake

One lane bridge, I think 2 Ford Fiesta's could fit!

Damn, I wanted to dive in.

My honey

Neat story

He didn't pay his bill...or he's a Packer fan.

Water left over from the rain a week ago.

The metropolis of Tortilla Flats

Wow, the color matches my beard

Kind of blurry but there are over 110,000 dollar bills covering the walls

Hello Dolly

Ha! Take that you poor working stiffs  :)

Part of the Marina

Can you spot the Bighorn Sheep?

Holy guano, this cave is full of bats.

Spot the Bald Eagle?

Here's a closer Bald Eagle

Can you see all 4 Bighorns

Look at the middle of the pic, the rock forms an elephant

We saw these 4 people driving next to us having a great time. Look at the gas sign, how much do you suppose gas was when this car was new? 

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  1. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. We have to say both of you are getting nice Arizona tans!! Looking good Bob and Laurie. We love you and miss you ALOT... Your Colo Family


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