Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bored?......Not Gonna Happen at this RV Park!

Now, I'm not anti-social or a total loner as Laurie sometimes accuses me of being, Some days I like the peace and quiet of a long hike in the mountains or a walk in the desert with my IPod and it's 900+ songs.....other times I enjoy the total opposite, like the time I sang an Eric Clapton song to Laurie on stage in front of dozens of people, or when at a comedy show the crowd booed the not so funny comedian on stage. He asked if anyone thought they were funnier than he was and I raised my hand, got on stage and had the crowd rolling. The manager even asked what I was doing the next night. 
While Laurie and I prefer each others company and being in the outdoors, sometimes we need to be "sophisticated up" a little bit and hang out with other people. Here at the Casa Grande RV Park, there is so much to do on a daily basis that you'd probably never get all the activities done that are offered. They put out a monthly calendar as well as a daily "Briefing Board" that lists what's happening. A lot of social gatherings like Happy Hour, Potlucks, Poker, Texas Hold em, Pool tournaments, Exercise, Volleyball, on and on and on. We've done a few of these things but prefer to go sight seeing all the natural beauty that AZ has. 
One of the things I did last week was attend an RV Fire Safety class put on by "Mac, the Fire Guy". It was really interesting and he did a really cool (hot) hands on fire demo and showed how different types of extinguishers work. Chris Dybevick and Chris Heinrichs gave us a new extinguisher for our 5th wheel as a gift when I retired......Thanks guys, now I even know how to use it.
I went to a presentation on emergency medical evacuation, the sign caught my eye..."Free Pizza", yes, they had me at, I didn't buy what they were selling but, the pizza was awesome and I won a bottle of wine!
We're going to make the best of our 10 days left here in Arizona by squeezing as much in as we can. Probably won't get to do everything we want so we'll have save some for next winter.
As I write this, Laurie is at a craft fair hawking some of her crochet dishcloths, there might be a dinner date in my future. Have a great weekend, miss all of you............Bob & Laurie

The daily activity board.

Very informative 
Different types of extinguishers. 

We saw everything from grease fires to electrical.

Mac the fire guy

One of the ladies trying to put out the fire.

He even sprayed himself with a type of foam in case you have to run through  a fire.

Ah Yes, 2011 was a good year for wine
I thought of sisters Julie and Laurie :)
Lucy's paw print in clay that the Vet did for us before we had her cremated. We're going to scatter her ashes at some of her favorite places.

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