Friday, March 22, 2013

A County Fair In...... March?

It would be too cold for a county fair in MN during the month of March, and it would be too hot for one in Arizona during, we got to enjoy the Pinal County Fair here in Casa Grande AZ this week.
I'm not huge county fair fan, but this one was pretty cool with so much to see and enjoy, I actually had a good time. It was clean, the people were friendly, and the family fun atmosphere was neat to watch as the kids and parents alike were having a blast.
It was different from most fairs I've been to, here you pay 8 buck$ to get in and all the entertainment is free. There was something going on all day and evening long such as singing groups performing ALL types of music, magicians, ventriloquists, comedians, dancers, K-9 Frisbee show, hypnotist, Kangaroo show, jugglers, bird show, I think you get the picture!
It was a long day and my turn to cook supper so we went to Eva's Mexican, what a good call that was. Great food and some of the best salsa I've ever had.
We're winding down our time here in AZ and will be heading back towards the tundra Monday morning. We'll take our time and let a storm pass through Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska that is predicted for Mon/Tue.
The hot tub is calling, we miss and love you all........Bob & Laurie

Perfect weather.....again!

I'd love to have one of these for my own.  The Footsie Wootsie, I mean!

He ended up juggling 8 rubber balls

Looks like a showdown for the fry bread!

Appropriate name for this yea man.

So much food, so little time.

Laurie said she found my twin. I fail to see the resemblance to buddha ! 

They lick their arms and legs to keep cool. I won't add anything else.

Polly want a......

The Dingo ate my baby. This one is about a year old.

At a County Fair?

Reminded me of the movie "Bubble Boy"

Old MacDonald had a farm.....E I E I O

Laurie haggled with this Mexican guy on the purse. Started out at $75 and ended up at $5.00

Group from Branson singing 60's and 70's. They were really good.

"Hay", what are you looking at!

You try saying "A boy bought a basket ball" without moving your lips.

I reminded him that Thanksgiving is only 8 months away.

"Kids" playing king of the hill

I think he's using Crest White Strips.

Even the Magicians wear Cowboy hats in Arizona :)

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