Saturday, October 6, 2012

Air Force vs Navy...Feels like football weather

Hey everyone, long time no blog. We've been busy, but with alot of the same (But Beautiful) scenery as the past few blogs so I thought I'd show you what me and my bro did today. You know how much I love football......Ron scored us tickets for the Air Force vs Navy football game today! I've been to High School, Community College, and even NFL games, but never a Division 1 game...and this one is a huge rivalry. Ron, me, and his buddy Mike had great seats and the atmosphere was awesome. We started the day out at 6am with a hot cup of coffee because it was football weather for sure at 28 degrees and some snowflakes****
We got to the stadium at 8am and did what all great tail-gaters do....we had Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest  and grilled brats! The game was exciting and it went into overtime with Navy edging Air Force 28-21. The neat thing about this game is all these players are really on the same team. They complete college and spend the next phase of their life protecting all of us. The game was fun to watch but it was really moving to watch a stadium full of young soldiers rooting each other on. At the end of the game both teams gathered together and each band played for them.....look up the word comaraderie in the dictionary and you'd see what I was blessed to see today.
Another great day with my brother, thanks Ron!
Till next time....we love you Shawn & Megan.
Ron and Mike

Breakfast of Champions

The Air Force Falcon

Ron messing with the mascot.

My ticket

Gobble Gobble

The band getting ready to come in.

Air Force Stadium

Scraping ice off the seats!

Officer section

Warm ups

The cadets standing for the National Anthem. After the Anthem, they run to their section all at once.

Cadets making a run for it. It was pretty neat to see.

The cadets do push-ups every time their team scores. One push-up for each point. You can't really see, but I'm in the middle down there doing push-ups too.

The sun popped out and the field started to warm up!


Navy Wins in OT