Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You knew it had to happen at some point...

No, we’re not running out of things to do, in fact we keep adding to the list every day! Tuesday we took a drive to Cripple Creek, yes that Cripple Creek, the gambling mecca of Colorado. We’ve been in this area now for about 2 months and I’ve done a pretty good job of distracting Laurie whenever I’d see a sign advertising the casinos. Well she finally figured out that we’ve only been a few miles from there this whole time and you guessed it, away we went.  The most recounted story of how the town got its name is of a cow that fell while crossing a stream that flowed through Poverty gulch. Someone said “That sure is some cripple creek”.  There are other stories but I like that one best.
Now to be fair, I really wanted to go too because the drive is worth it with all the twisting switchback roads, beautiful pine and aspen, oh yea and buffets.  When all was said and done, the only thing we got money from was the ATM machine, and that damn thing charged us $2.00 for the privilege of using it. I was so proud of Laurie when she only donated $20 to the town of Cripple Creek and said she was ready to go! Then she told me that she was saving some $$$ for when her Megan go to see Sawyer Brown at Flandreau……wait, don’t they have a casino there?
On the way home we stopped in a gorgeous canyon and picked up 3 more geocaches. I needed 20 to get the T-shirt from the Park County Historical Geocache Challenge, I now have found 21..YAHOO. Watch, they’ll probably send me a small. We are heading into Colorado Springs on Friday for the holiday weekend. There is a hot air balloon festival and a few other fun activities we have planned with Ron & Rhonda. The next blog should be full of fun pictures. Till next time….Bob & Laurie

72 degrees and sunny

Cripple Creek in the distance.
Main St.

I like the name!
Hell yea...where do I send my money :)
On the way to the geocaches. Come on out Mike & Tanner, fly fishing galore.
This was a railroad tunnel at one time. Laurie is trying to get me to stop before a train hits us. I didn't have the heart to tell her the last train came through here 100 years ago.
Geocache number 21...Yay, free T-shirt.
Yup, she's still trying to stop that train!
A picture is worth a 1000 words.
The start of someone's log home.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Salida, Colorado & a taste of Minnesota....ya you betcha.

Saturday we cruised into the river town of Salida, Colorado. The name Salida means "exit" in Spanish and was founded in 1880. The town was built along the Arkansas river and played a major role in the mining and railroad industry. Today the most prominent business is tourism featuring white water rafting, kayaking, and skiing at Monarch Ski Area. We walked through some of the artsy fartsy stores and some really cool wood carving type stores. Salida is world famous for their FIBARK (First In Boating on the Arkansas) festival each Fathers Day weekend in June. It's at this point of the year that the most snow melt and water runoff from the mountains makes the river roar. We're definitley going to come back here for that next year. We stopped to have a beer and watched some of the activity coming down the river. Rhonda made an awesome tater tot hotdish for supper, then happy hour by the fire, and in bed by 11pm because we had a hike planned for Sunday. Laurie & Rhonda hiked with us and had no trouble keeping up with us on the trail. Laurie made wild rice chicken soup for supper and there were no leftovers.....imagine that! Till next time...Bob & Laurie

Most of the buildings from the 1880s are in great shape.
Now that's an old kayak huh Shawn?
This guy in front is fly fishing while the other guy is steering.

No caption needed here.
So many beers, so little time....wait, I have lots of time!

Ron's trying to distract me and switch beers.
I can't think of a better name for a bar! As Forrest Gump would say "we're more famouser than Capt. Kangaroo".

Did you hear the one about the Blonde & Brunette walking down the sidewalk?

Nice tub of flowers.
Rhonda's famous MN TaterTot hotdish. Napoleon Dynamite would be proud. Ron stole a tot from the corner.
Awwwwwe....to be continued


Cheers! This one's for you Linda W!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wet Dogs & the USA Pro Challenge Bicycle Race...

Our weekly trip into Colrado Springs on Wednesday sparked a few adventures in the big city and a really cool experience on the way back to the 5th wheel. We of course had to go to the dog park with Lucy and she's becoming quite the little diva there. When ever I'm there with her I hear comments like "what a cutie", "look at those beautiful ears", "awe, short legs and huge feet"......then they see Lucy & start to comment about her too!
Wednesday night me and Ron made PaPa Murphy's pizza for supper, yum yum. Thursday night Laurie and Rhonda put together an Italian feast of spaghetti, salad, garlic toast........see why we have to keep hiking? So all that laying around in the mountains and going to the dog park has made Lucy a little ripe & it was bath time. Me, Laurie, & Rhonda took the dogs to a place called Wag N Wash where you can wash your dog for about 13 bucks. It was quite the ordeal for Lucy, you'd think I was trying to kill her the way she was whining. Wash, rinse, blow dry, and I was more wet than she was when we were done. I bought her a new nail trimmer so now she's all set.
We left on Friday morning to head back to the 5th wheel and stopped in Woodland Park for their every Friday Farmers Market. They had about everything you can imagine, from breakfast burritos to neck massages. Laurie waited in the car with Lucy (she has separation anxiety when Laurie leaves her) and I went and bought some fresh veggies and a HUGE cantelope. I even brought Laurie a big piece of cake....it was the 10th anniversary of the market.
As luck would have it, this week is the USA Pro Challenge Bike Race in Colorado. This is a huge race, second only to the Tour De France, and one of the legs of the race was going through the little mountain town of Hartsel....we go through Hartsel on the way back to the 5th wheel each week. There were spectators lined up at different places along the hiway for almost 60 miles. I parked along the road in Hartsel and we waited for them to come through so I could get some pictures. There were racers from all over the world and according to the announcer, an American was in the lead and an Itailian was right on his heels. So here I am, standing alongside the road taking pictures and they're flying by at about 35 mph in a big pack.....I give the thumbs up sign to them and one of the racers throws his water bottle to me and smiles. A lady standing next to me says "wow, aren't you the lucky one".
For those of you old enough to remember, I felt like the little kid that Mean Joe Green threw his football jersey to in the Coke commercial.
We have a fun filled weekend planned so stay tuned. Till next time...Bob & Laurie

Lucy is thinking, "this ain't the dog park"

Like holding a greased pig.

Trampas sticking his tongue out at Rhonda

Holy sh!t this blower is powerful.

Walking to the Farmer's Market

The lead bikes are coming. Hey Barbie, there's a sign for you to the right of that camper :)

A few sprinkles and the temp is about 60

Look at all the support vehicles behind the bikes!

My bottle the racer threw to me. I'ts now my new hiking water bottle!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Retirement's not ALL play and NO work!

Monday morning seemed like a good time to take a drive to a really cool recreation area called 11 Mile Reservoir. Ron said it's named that because it's 11 miles off the main Hwy (I wonder what it would it be called if it was right next to the Hwy?) It was a cool misty morning and well worth the drive. We had leftover enchiladas for supper that Laurie made on Sunday...wow they were awesome. Tuesday was a day to get some chores done like wash the dust off the puddle jumper, do a few things on the 5th wheel, and get a couple walks in.
Laurie reminded me that school started today back in Worthington & it really does kind of feel like I'm retired now......holy crap, I have to slow down and stop doing all this work stuff. The mornings here in the mountains have really cooled off, we're talking upper 30s low 40s...we even took out the blue jean quilt...thanks Pudgey!
Till next time....Bob & Laurie

11 Mile Reservoir

Hey Bev, Laurie took this picture for you :)
And she even does windows.

Wax on Wax off!

Water for the 5th wheel. The black cable is for my 250 channels.
Checking the H2O in the batteries that run the 12 volt lights & the all important TV's.
Laurie taking a break & chatting with Becky on the I-pad.

Gathered up firewood for the campfires.

Happy Hour!
I'm the Queen of the world!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ptarmigan Lake.....White Chili, & Eeeeeek it's a mouse!

It's been a few days since our last blog but we've been keeping so busy I haven't had time to sit down and do one. This relaxing and chillin can really wear a guy out! Saturday morning me and Ron decided to up the ante of our hiking abilities and take on Ptarmigan lake trail, an all uphill 3.8 mile ascent that ends at 12,400 feet. The payoff at the top is a series of beautiful mountain lakes. I was a little concerned that it might be a bit much for me at that altitude but it wasn't that bad and was well worth the 3 heart attacks I suffered on the way up:).
Laurie and Rhonda went to a few garage sales in Buena Vista while we were hiking. They stopped at one in the Ranch of the Rockies area where a guy was selling a really cool old industrial cart. Rhonda wanted it for the landscaping, he wanted $100, she wore him down to the point where Laurie flipped a coin...Rhonda wins.....she got it for $80. The pickers would have been proud of them two. Ron and I picked the cart up on our way back to the 5th wheel. While on the phone with Ron, Rhonda calmly (I'm making that part up) told Ron she found a nest of baby mice in a storage area of their 5th wheel. Ron removed the critters to a new home and Rhonda calmly (I'm still lying) stated she would like some mouse traps. Ron and I ran into Fairplay Ace Hardware and got some fancy schmancy traps with fake cheese on them. As of Sunday morning not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse. Not a single mouse was caught but Rhonda kept checking her "trap line" all morning.
Saturday night Rhonda made white chili for supper and it was awesome. Between the chili and a few cold beers at the campfire it made for a pretty long night for Laurie in bed...sorry honey.
Laurie made waffles Sunday morning for breakfast and we sat outside and ate, had coffee, and enjoyed the 50 degree weather. Till next time....Bob & Laurie
The sunrise when we left at 6:30am for the hike.

One of the lakes about 3/4 way up.
Taking a break.
Me and Ron at the top, 12,400 ft. I'm the shorter good looking one.
Rhonda wouldn't touch the cheese to see if it felt real!

Really cool old cart that the pickers got.