Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A drive to the highest city in the USA...

We did a 150 mile drive today that if you looked at a map, would resemble a big oval. This included the towns of Johnson Village, Buena Vista, Malta, Leadville, Climax (it felt so good going through there) Copper Mountain, Frisco, and then back through Breckenridge, Blue River, over Hoosier Pass, down to Alma, Fairplay and back to the 5th wheel....whew, what an awe inspiring drive in the mountains. Leadville's claim to fame is being the highest elevation city in North America. We stopped in Frisco where they have a really cool marina that some pretty big boats use. One of the workers said the lake is down 11 Feet this year due to less than average snow last winter. Time to grab my fishing pole and a cold beer and listen to my Ipod. I haven't had much luck fishing, I'm beginning to think my singing is scaring them away.
Last night we had some awesome T-storms roll through with the thunder literally shaking the king size bed. My rain gauge said a little more than an inch! Love the rain at night up here in the mountains.
Where the hell did Bob & Lucy go?
Till next time....Bob & Laurie

Lots of boats in the Marina
This would be full of water in a normal year.

Get me off this damn bench!

Storm clouds brewing
Everyone here is high :)
Arkansas River
Umm chauffer, I'm ready to go!

The other kind of skid mark

Is anyone driving?

Proof that it's not ALL play and no work. Cleaning up pine cones.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Burro Days in Fairplay Colorado

On Saturday, me, Laurie, Ron & Rhonda went to Burro Days. It's similar to Turkey Days in Worthington but quite a bit bigger. For a small town of around 600 people, there was probably 10,000 here for the event. They had Llama races on Saturday and Burro races on Sunday. The llama races were made up of teams with some pretty creative names like Dali llama ect. There were hundreds of vendors and food booths set up all over town. We bought Lucy a new food and water bowl that sits in a nice wooden holder.
Saturday night we sat by the fire, had a few beers and solved some of the worlds problems.
Sunday we went back for the Burro race and parade, the weather was perfect both days!

It doesn't get any better than this.

Laurie says my beard and his are the same color!

This answers the age old question...does a llama shit in the street.

EVERYTHING swells up in high altitudes!

This is for my boy's in blue :)

Ron is ready to ride a burro
Me and my sweetie

Gold Fever!

Till next time.....Bob & Laurie

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nice hike and a Dog Day Afternoon

We took a relaxing 80 mile drive to Colorado Springs to get a few supplies ( I'm starting to sound like a real mountain man huh?) and hangout with my brother Ron and his wife Rhonda. On the way we stopped at Wilkerson Pass and I took a little hike to become one with nature..actually I had to find a geocache & pee.

Wilkerson Pass

Sign near the lookout area

The little yellow dot waaay back there is me!

So after my heart rate got back to normal we headed for the big city of Colorado Springs. Nice winding roads then wouldn't you know it, road construction.

Hey Pudgey, I asked for a flag but he didn't have one :)
Got to the Springs around 11am did some shopping and Rhonda and I took Lucy and her dogs to the dog park. This is one of the top 10 dog parks in the USA, and it deserves it's rating. There is a large dog area and a small dog area, and even a place to wash your dog.(I misunderstood the sign and Rhonda said I could get arrested for that)
We had a great supper with Ron and Rhonda and an awesome time sitting on the patio visiting and talking with neighbors. Spent the night and drove back to the 5th wheel. Even though it's 80 miles, it seems like 10 minutes because of the views.
Till next time.....Bob & Laurie

Lucy and her new friends Zuni & Trampas

 People of WalMart? How about People of the dog park! I know, she's probably thinking the same about me.

Look at all those legs!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work!

Trout Creek Pass...Elevation 10,000 Ft
After breakfast we took a beautiful drive up to Trout Creek Pass to find a geocache. It just so happens that Park County,  where we are at is doing a promotion to highlight area history and tourism. One of the activities is geocaches that are hidden around the county at different historical places. If you find 20 of them you get a T-shirt and 30 gets yous a cool coin. My goal is to find at least 20...hey you can never have too many T-shirts! After finding the cache we stopped and gassed up the puddle jumper....lovin that 45mpg. 
 I dropped Laurie off at the 5th wheel and went to catch some fish at a lake nearby. The scenery is like something from a postcard.

My chair :)
I told Laurie I'd catch supper for tonight.......

Perfect rod holder
I caught leftover burgers, veggies, and sald!
Wild flowers by the lake
 Time for a beer........Bob & Laurie

Monday, July 23, 2012

A fun drive to Breckenridge

We drove to Breckenridge this morning and had a fun walk along the river. I picked up a few Geocaches along the way in the really cool town of Alma. It was sunny to start off and it was about 72 in Breckenridge. But on the way home we got a few showers and the temp fell to 53. 10 mph hairpin turns and 14,000 ft. mountain peaks. Time for a beer. Till next time.....Bob & Laurie        
Alma Main St.

Near Breckenridge
Me & Lucy by the river