Saturday, October 6, 2012

Air Force vs Navy...Feels like football weather

Hey everyone, long time no blog. We've been busy, but with alot of the same (But Beautiful) scenery as the past few blogs so I thought I'd show you what me and my bro did today. You know how much I love football......Ron scored us tickets for the Air Force vs Navy football game today! I've been to High School, Community College, and even NFL games, but never a Division 1 game...and this one is a huge rivalry. Ron, me, and his buddy Mike had great seats and the atmosphere was awesome. We started the day out at 6am with a hot cup of coffee because it was football weather for sure at 28 degrees and some snowflakes****
We got to the stadium at 8am and did what all great tail-gaters do....we had Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest  and grilled brats! The game was exciting and it went into overtime with Navy edging Air Force 28-21. The neat thing about this game is all these players are really on the same team. They complete college and spend the next phase of their life protecting all of us. The game was fun to watch but it was really moving to watch a stadium full of young soldiers rooting each other on. At the end of the game both teams gathered together and each band played for them.....look up the word comaraderie in the dictionary and you'd see what I was blessed to see today.
Another great day with my brother, thanks Ron!
Till next time....we love you Shawn & Megan.
Ron and Mike

Breakfast of Champions

The Air Force Falcon

Ron messing with the mascot.

My ticket

Gobble Gobble

The band getting ready to come in.

Air Force Stadium

Scraping ice off the seats!

Officer section

Warm ups

The cadets standing for the National Anthem. After the Anthem, they run to their section all at once.

Cadets making a run for it. It was pretty neat to see.

The cadets do push-ups every time their team scores. One push-up for each point. You can't really see, but I'm in the middle down there doing push-ups too.

The sun popped out and the field started to warm up!


Navy Wins in OT

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Ghostly kind of day......

Ron told us about an old abandoned mining town near Buena Vista that sounded like a cool place to visit. So off we went Tuesday morning with sunny skies, 65 degrees, and not a hint of wind. The colors and smells are something that words and pictures just can’t do justice to….we wish all of you were here with us to experience it.
St. Elmo Colorado is a ghost town that was officially founded in 1880.
Gold and Silver Mining brought many people to the
area. There were over 150 Patented mine claims in
the St. Elmo area & populations reached a high of nearly 2000 people.
St. Elmo was considered a Hub town for supplies arriving
by train. The tracks were abandoned in
1922. It is said that St. Elmo's Population rode the last
train out of town and never came back.
Even though St. Elmo is considered a ghost town it is still inhabited. Tourism brings many people to the St. Elmo area every year. The old mining roads are now used as jeep and four-wheeler trails. There are also many good places to fish along Chalk Creek, which runs through St. Elmo.
The following was taken from a book written about the alleged haunting of St. Elmo.
"Grandchildren of the last surviving resident were said to have been playing in a room of the hotel in about 1959, when suddenly all the doors in the room slammed shut and the temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees. The terrified children refused to play in the hotel again......
Another one of the grandchildren, a young woman in her twenties, decided to take on the hotel as a project, cleaning out the rooms, making minor repairs, and washing down the walls and floors. After cleaning up for the day, she and her friends would put away their tools and cleaning supplies, only to find them in the middle of the floor when they returned the next day. After this continued to occur, they started placing the items in a padlocked closet, but still they would be in the middle of the floor when they came back."
 Now even though I'm not afraid of the dark, I'll admit that the paranormal freaks me out a little bit. I don't like scary movies, scary stories, or scary ex-wives, and I've experienced all three. I swear if you listened close enough you could hear some rumbling and growling. Turns out it was only my stomach, so we stopped for some ice cream on the way back home.....yes it did help.
It was another fun filled day...retirement is AWESOME.
P.s I don't know what is up with the different looking letters, this post must be haunted!
We're heading to that mountain way back there. Mt. Princeton.

This one is for Rhonda. Our honorary Fire Chief.
On the way up the Mt

Shy deer

Up we go. The last 5 miles were gravel, but level.

You can see the valley we are going through.
Part of the old mine.

Awesome old buildings.

I think I saw a ghost in that window.

This one even had a picket fence.
Old stove in the remains of a once lived in house.

Anyone have a magazine and some TP?

No, not a ghost in a red shirt. He is actually from Minneapolis...small world!

Yoo hoo, housekeeping.
Fall colors!

My two Bitc....err, I mean lovely girls.

Stuff from the 1880s
Help, the Chipmunks are trying to surround me.

 1880s laundry room.

Odd place for this sign.

Looking up.

Stunning color


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sensory Overload in Aspen, Colorado & Purple Pain!

Saturday morning we woke up to some frost but it quickly warmed to 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky. The fall colors here are anywhere from just about peak to maybe a week or so less from peak. We decided to go to Aspen which means going over Independence Pass at over 12,000 Ft, wow what a drive. The pictures I have posted don't even come close to doing justice to what we saw. Aspen is a town that is known for it's primo skiing in the winter and it's ultra rich residents who own homes here that average $6 million dollars. When I came out of the restroom at one of the stores we stopped at, I told Laurie I saw a really handsome, famous man in there. She asked who, and I said "me, I was looking in the mirror".
We hopped on a bus that took us 10 miles to a place called Maroon Bells which is a glacial valley surrounded by 14,000 ft peaks. Maroon Lake mirrors all the beauty around it. The mountains red color and bell shape is what gave the area it's name. Unfortunately, while we where there, a hiker fell 1000 feet to his death and a helicopter was on it's way to recover the body in the remote area where it happened.
The drive there and back is half the fun of the trip as Ron, Rhonda, Laurie & I plan our future excursions and solve the worlds problems!
We grilled sirloin burgers with fresh veggies for supper (or as they say here, dinner) and got ready for the weekly campfire. The stars Saturday night looked like you could reach up grab them they were so bright....even before I drank any beer.
It's Sunday, you know what that means...VIKINGS. Laurie found a cool little bar in Fairplay that has the NFL Sunday Ticket, so off we went. We had beer, appetizers, Laurie had a couple Bloody Marys, we yelled, we cheered, and I cried on the way home (only on the inside). Oh well, there's always next week, right Tim Gaul :)
It's supposed to be sunny and 65 all week and we have a few adventures planned. Have a great week everyone....Bob & Laurie

Frost on the Fiesta
What a damn cute couple.
Look at those beautiful colors...What does it all mean Becky?
It's that cute couple again.
Pretty cool huh?

This is the area the hiker fell 1000 ft.
Looks like a post card.
Hey, another cute couple!
So I say to Ron, "you ever see the movie Wedding Crashers". Laurie and Rhonda squashed that idea. 
The road to Independence Pass.
That's where we came from.

A Mountain Lake....looks different than the one in Minnesota.
Please don't pass, Please don't pass!
This place is called Twin Lakes.
The site of Sunday's Purple Pain.
Even the pole was purple!
Ron is praying in the corner.

So what else do ya do when the Vikes lose? Laurie took to this like a duck to water :)